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水田先生の言葉 Words of Mizuta sensei

稽古 Practice
The most important thing in kendo is breathing. You can develop it only by hard training as Uchikomi-geiko and Kakari-geiko. You could not get such an important breathing if you always do Ji-geiko only.
You should be always make your strike as if that is your last attack. You should not do a “cherry-picking” Keiko.
Ask Keiko to the master who you would not like to ask. And make him get serious. You will learn more from him after he has got serious.
You should always think “what is the most important point you pay attention to right now?” This is “Neru (refining)”. If you do not have any refined things inside, you could not get any gifts from masters.
努力 Effort
I know someone who clean up the floor of Dojo before other members come. He practice shuffling his feet at the same time. I hope everybody might do such things everywhere. I believe such secret efforts make you improve.
Young people tend to evaluate themselves to be first strings. But it is not a very important matter. I know some players, not in first strings, are always making efforts every chance even though they are not dexterous. I recognize them as the very valuable players.